Ada & Felix

Ready for cuteness overload? I just love all these pictures I took of the twins last week! They are (in my eyes) the cutest little babies in the world, and I’m so proud that they are mine! They did such a good job in front of the camera as well, they know just what to do to make their mom super happy!



























Ada&Felix_Studiolykke_027I’m so happy with my new backdrops and can’t wait to use them more! Another bunch is already on its way to my little studio, and I also have some other news regarding the studio coming up… Stay tuned!



Six months old!

How time flies when you are having fun? These past six months have run by in what feels like one! I can’t believe they are half a year already. But when I look at them it amazes me that they can do and how much they have learned. They both roll over, they make a lot of sounds, and Ada is singing little songs. They can almost sit on their own and they both push themselves backwards. They can push themselves around to face the way they want. They play with their toys, Sophie the giraffe being their favourite. They love their mom and dad and oh my how they love each other!  I try to sit and watch them without them seeing me, and they just melt my heart, talking together, touching each other and laughing. And of course pulling each others hair and ears, and stealing toys! They have had their first fight, and Ada won, leaving Felix devastated. They now eat lots of solid foods and have even had some bread. Ada can hold her bottle when drinking milk, and Felix tries to do the same.

Today we had our six month photo shoot, and when looking through the pictures my heart was bursting with love and pride! These two lovely little people are mine, and I’m the luckiest there is!

twins six months old idema photography studio lykke

See what I can do?!

Hello everyone!! Since the 1st of this month I have known how to go from my back to the my stomach. I was trying for quite a while to manage the very last bit of the big turn, but then one day I just knew how to do it. Like Magic! And for the last 16 days I have perfected the skill. Ada is watching me closely and she is starting to learn from me, at least she gets on her side now. I seemed to know how to get back from my stomach to my back, but at the moment I cant remember how it went… I will practice more later! Love from Felix!

Idema Photography

Idema Photography

Idema Photography

Idema Photography

Can’t wait to meet you…

In a few weeks my friend Solveig’s baby is due. I can’t wait to meet the little one when she is ready to be shown off to friends. And how lucky am I? Not only will another one of my best friends be on maternity leave at the same time as I am, but I got to take pregnancy pictures of Solveig and her baby bump!

Idema PhotographyI love taking these sort of pictures. To me they tell a story. They capture a moment and a feeling. Oh and just imagine the little baby in the bump? All ready. Cheeks, feet, hands, eyes… Maybe even some hair!?

Idema PhotographyOh how I’m looking forward to seeing her…

Idema Photography

Thank you for every day in between…

The first time I met you was the 9.3.1984

rozeberry.wordpress.comThe last time was 3.2.2013

IMG_3551The kindest I have ever met. The softest hands. The most including person. So interested and caring.
My Oma. I miss you. I love you.

Huil niet….
De dood is niets
Ik ben slechts aan de andere kant
Ik ben mezelf
Jij bent jezelf
Wat we voor elkaar waren
dat zijn we nog altijd
Noem me zoals je me steeds genoemd hebt
Spreek tegen mij, zoals vroeger
op dezelfde toon
niet plechtig en niet triest
Lach om wat ons samen heeft doen lachen
Denk aan mij
Spreek mijn naam uit thuis
zoals je altijd gedaan hebt
zonder hem te benadrukken
en zonder droefheid
Het leven is wat het altijd geweest is
de draad is niet gebroken
Waarom zou ik uit je gedachten zijn?
Omdat je me niet meer ziet
Nee, je bent niet ver
Juist aan de andere kant van de weg
Zie je, alles is goed
Je zult mijn hart opnieuw ontdekken
en er tederheid terugvinden
Dus droog je tranen
en huil niet als je van mij houdt
However, not crying is impossible….
Forever, she will be in my heart…